Our Lab Facilities

School has a good composite lab where in the availability of sufficient equipments and materials help the students to experiment the concept that they learned in theory. Is not an ounce of application is worth a ton of theory?

Computer lab

Computer lab has sufficient stand alone computers with all the peripherals Scanner, DVD writer, etc to enable the students to do their practical work with interest and ease. Students from classes I standard find it very comfortable to sit in the spacious and neatly maintained lab to do their practical.

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Smart Board

In tune with the latest development in educational technology our school has installed 7 smart boards which are shared by all the students. These class rooms are fitted with wall mounted projector, permanent white board and Computer to run the same. All teachers were trained to operate the same..The audio - visual effect is supplementing the work of the teachers to a great extent. Children of kinder garden are attracted with the animations and are able to learn the poems & stories very easily.

Physics Labs

Children pass through sensitive periods of development early in life. Teachers provide age specific activities, so that children develop themselves as independent human being .

Chemistry Lab

Children are treated as individual and their emotion and social development is a key concern of teachers. Curriculum provides a frame work for a range of sensory and experimental learning as well as development of basic concepts and skill in various subject areas such as Mathematics, EVS, computer education etc.

Biological Lab

Middle school years are recognized as the period of rapid development and transition. Curriculum is made to keep abreast of the growing inner life of individual as well as pattern in peer relationship. Art & craft, sports, music, life skill, and work experience are integral part of middle school programme.